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Program Overview

Our affiliate partnership program, “Cheap Hotels Hub Advantage” is designed to be the most lucrative and rewarding program in the online travel industry. We believe in creating a win-win relationship with our affiliate partners, empowering them to maximize their earnings while promoting our platform.

How it works and the benefits

  • Simply client should book through your link, or coupon
  • You and your customers will get as high as 12.5% discount from the booking commission(also we don't hide this info behind the registration wall, as most of the hotel booking services, instead we are clear on this)
  • Your next level will be with 20% of commission and 15% for customers with just simple 15 booking through you within any period
  • LIFETIME achievement. All your discounts and percentages from commission are lifetime, meaning that you have need to maintain very low volume of sales during the very long period of time
  • Grow with us and get more benefits. You will get huge increase of percentage of your commission as well as your customers' discount, as you grow with us
  • We clearly show the requirements for each level, so you can see how much volume you need in order to get level up
  • You have a direct support from the CEO and CTO of the project, instead of outsourced call centre or technical support
  • Simply we share with you the commission from the our final commission, at some grow level, we even share with you the same amount we get

Benefits of Partnership

Unlock the Power of Partnership: Elevate Your Hotel's Success

Lucrative Earnings

Unlock a new stream of income by earning commissions for each successful booking made through your affiliate links.

Global Hotel Selection

Provide your audience with access to an extensive range of hotels worldwide, catering to diverse traveler preferences.

Seamless Booking Experience

Offer a user-friendly platform that simplifies the booking process, enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing conversions.

Trustworthy Recommendations

Build credibility by offering your audience trusted hotel options backed by our reliable reservation service.

Empower Your Affiliate Journey

Transforming Travel Bookings for a World of Explorers

Effortless Interface

Our intuitive dashboard empowers you to manage your hotel's details and availability effortlessly.

Real-Time Availability

Say goodbye to double bookings. Our real-time updates keep your availability accurate and up-to-the-minute.

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Real-Time Updates

Provide up-to-the-minute availability and pricing information, ensuring accurate and timely bookings.

Performance Tracking

Monitor your affiliate performance with comprehensive analytics and reports, optimizing your strategies for better results.

Promotional Bonuses

Take advantage of special promotions and incentives to boost your earnings and engagement with your audience.

Rich Dashboard with valuable data inside


Diverse Travelers

Our platform attracts a diverse range of travelers, from business professionals to families seeking memorable vacations.



“Partnering with Cheap Hotels Hub has been a game-changer for our company. Our bookings have skyrocketed, and the support we receive is top-notch.”

- Partner Manager

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